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I am going to France in four months. Can I apply immediately for my visa ?

No, a visa may not be issued more than three months before the planned date for the trip.

I obtained a “D” visa. May I travel in Europe?

Yes, you may travel in the Schengen Area countries for a maximum of 90 days per 6-month period.

Must I bring my old passport(s) at the time of my visa application ?

Yes, old passports may be requested.

May I travel to Spain with a Schengen visa issued by the Consulate General of France ?

The purpose of the Schengen agreement is to encourage the free circulation of foreigners within the Schengen area. Consequently, any Schengen visa issued by a member country is valid for the territories as a whole. However, make sure that your visa authorizes you to enter the particular country (ies) (see "How to read a Schengen visa label").

Why is there a waiting period for certain nationalities ?

Because certain nationalities require consultation, the Consulate General of France must await the decision of all Schengen countries before issuing the visa. Please note that this consultation applies to every visa application.

I am separated / divorced from my child’s parent. I would like to take my holidays in France. What additional documents must I file ?

In order to protect minors, the child’s birth certificate and both parents’ passports are required. In the case of parents who are separated, the Consulate General of France accepts a certified copy of the passport of the parent who is not present, accompanied by a parental letter of consent for the child to travel to France. You must provide the address and the exact dates of your trip. If you have exclusive custody of your child, please provide the documents establishing your custody right. These documents may be requested from you at the border.

I made an appointment for my wife and my child. Must they attend with me ?

Because of biometrics, all applicants above 12 years old must be present.

Where may I purchase medical travel insurance ?

Blue Cross, Desjardins, Mondial Assistance, RBC…

I receive my bank statement only every three months, but Visa Services is asking for more recent proof of financial resources. What must I bring ?

You must submit your three most recent bank statements, a statement indicating the latest operations (dated during the past week) on your account (to be obtained from the counter (dated and stamped) or an Internet bank statement. All statements must identify you by name. Be advised that the French Consulate does not accept credit cards statements.

I intend to spend my holidays with friends/family. Must I produce an invitation letter ?

An invitation letter is mandatory for any foreigner wishing to enter France for a family or private visit within the framework of the Schengen short-stay visa (Decree N° 2004 – 1237 of November 17, 2004 amending decree 82 – 442 of May 27, 1982). This decree provides that the dates of arrival and departure indicated on the invitation letter must strictly conform to the dates indicated on the visa for the stay.

May I reserve an appointment for my whole family over the Internet ?

The appointment system on the Web site is personal, one appointment = one passport. In order to make an appointment for your entire family, you must find a timeframe that is available and reserve one appointment for yourself, one for your spouse, and one for each of your children.

I wish to change or cancel my appointment. May I do so by phone ?

No, changing or cancelling an appointment may only be done through the Internet.

My child is going on vacation to France with friends. May he file his visa application himself ?

No, a minor child must be accompanied by an adult having parental authority.

I filed a visa application. If I leave for France before obtaining an answer, will I be able to obtain my visa in France ?

No, you must absolutely obtain your visa before departing.

I am currently in France with a visa under the France-Canada agreement on “youth exchange” (3A, 3B, 3C or 3D). My visa is about to expire. I would like to remain in France to study or to work. May I get a visa extension while in France ?

No, you must return to Canada in order to file a new visa application that conforms to the nature of your next stay in France. The legal period between the issuing of two visas is normally three months.

I obtained a 3C visa as a work trainee (for “un stage”) in France. I could possibly get another placement. May I apply for another 3C visa ?

No, you cannot obtain a same category visa twice in the “youth exchange” program. However, you may obtain one of the other visas (3A, 3B or 3D), provided that you return to Canada to file a new application. Please note that any youth aged between 18 and 35 may obtain a maximum of two visas within the framework of the France-Canada youth exchange agreement.

If I want a working holiday 3D visa, must I absolutely provide evidence of insurance for 12 months, even though I will be staying in France for only six months ?

Your insurance must cover you throughout the term of the visa. A 3D visa may be issued for four, five, six months or one year. For example, if you wish to stay in France for four and a half months, you will obtain a visa valid for five months and your insurance must therefore cover these five months.

I must go to France for a few days and then will be going to Germany for a longer stay (less than three months). Where should I file my visa application ?

You must file your Schengen short-stay visa application with the consulate of your country of principal destination. In the above-mentioned case, this will be the German consulate.

I must go to a country that is not part of the Schengen area, via Paris, where I wish to spend a few days. Do I need a visa for France ?

Certain nationalities must obtain a transit visa for France (see the list of nationalities not requiring a visa, as opposed to those that do). In your application, you must include the same documents as for a Schengen visa, as well as evidence of the trip to your final destination (plane ticket, visa or waiver of visa for the other countries of transit or of destination).

I must go to a country that is not part of the Schengen area via Paris, but I will not leave the international zone at the airport. Do I need a visa ?

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, that is, if you possess a permanent resident plastic card issued by Canadian authorities (the sole recognized document authorizing the trip), you will not need a visa. If you are not a permanent resident, you may need an airport transit visa.

I obtained a long-stay visa, but the label indicates that it is only valid for three months. Is this normal ?

Yes. As indicated on the visa label affixed to your passport, you must on arrival and before expiry of these three months report to the Prefecture to obtain your residency document.

A permanent resident of Canada who is the spouse of a French citizen wishes to live in France with his or her spouse. Is a visa required ?

Yes, since August 2006, a foreigner married to a French national who wishes to live in France with his or her spouse must apply for a long-stay visa (see "Visa to settle in France for the spouse of a French person”)

My child is on my passport. Can I ask for a visa for him ?

No. Your child must have his own passport if you want to apply for a visa for him.

I am a canadian citizen, and I know that I don’t need any visa to go to France less than 90 days. My passport is valid less than 3 months. Can I go even so to France ?

We suggest you to contact your airline to know their boarding conditions.

Last modified on 04/03/2016

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