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The “carte de séjour compétences et talents” (competencies and talents residency permit), valid for a renewable 3-year term, may be granted if, given your skills and talent, you might contribute in a significant and sustainable way to the economic development, or to the outreach, notably intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian or athletic of France and, directly or indirectly, of your own country.

The decision to issue this permit rests with consular authorities. Members of your family (spouse and minor children) are not subject to the conditions or to the family reunification procedure. The spouse would receive a “private and family life” permit allowing her or him to work.

What are the criteria ?

The application will be processed on the basis of the usefulness and quality of the project, on the motivation and commitment of the applicant, on his or her skills and qualifications to direct the project and on the resources available to bring it to fruition.

What is the targeted population ?

  • Post-graduate degree holders,
  • qualified professionals, irrespective of the academic degree obtained,
  • investors with a business project,
  • independent professionals: professional occupations, artists, writers, athletes…,
  • upper management and high level employees of French companies belonging to an international group.

Documents to be provided

Please provide both the original and 2 copies of the documents, 3 if you plan to live in département 69, 75 or 92. All the documents must be submitted in the order below.

The visa section will give you back the original documents.

Document or photocopy missing = incomplete file = high risk of visa refusal.

  • Three identification photos, in colour, recent (less than three months), original, in 35 mm X 45 mm format with a clear and uniform background. Two photos must be affixed to each form and the third added to the file;
  • Original passport (and copy of your passport’s identification page). Passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the end of the stay in France. The visa is made effective by means of a self-adhesive label affixed to one of the pages of the passport;
  • Refugees : RefugeeTravel Document issued in accordance with the 1951 Geneva Convention;
    • Canadian residents with refugees status, even if they have a permanent resident card, must be in possession of this document and present themselves at the consulate at least one month before their travel date.
  • Non Canadian citizens : evidence of your regular status in Canada ;
    • a permanent resident card (photocopy must be recto-verso),
      • IMM 1000 not accepted.
    • or a study permit along with a valid Canadian visa (to ensure the return to Canada),
    • or a work permit along with a valid Canadian visa,
    • or a Canadian visitor’s visa if the holder prove residence over three consecutive months in Canada.
  • Detailed curriculum vitae;
  • A detailed letter describing the reasons for the work project and indicating, among other things, its value for France and for the applicant’s country of nationality;
  • Any document helping to establish the applicant’s ability to carry out the project.

Other evidence will be necessary depending on the nature of the project :

For work as a salaried employee :

  • Copy of highest degrees and titles;
  • Supporting evidence of revenue from local tax authorities;
  • Letter from the employer indicating the reasons for recruiting the employee and detailing the functions he or she will hold, copy of the work contract - except for derogations. (CERFA form Demande d’autorisation de travail pour un travailleur étranger – contrat de travail simplifié) (Application for a work permit for a foreign worker – simplified work contract).

To work as a merchant, craftsman or industrialist :

To do independent professional work (professionals, artists, writers, athletes…) :

  • Copy of highest degrees and titles;
  • Supporting evidence of revenue from local tax authorities;
  • If needed, documents to establish the applicant’s prominence.

For accompanying family members (spouse and minor children) :

  • A currently valid passport with at least one page to affix a visa + copy of the principal pages;
  • Civil status documents establishing the family relationship with the person applying for the “competencies and talents” permit.


The Consulate reserves the right to require additional supporting evidence.

Filing the documents does not systematically guarantee issuance of a visa. You should not leave your present job, sell your property or commit yourself in any way before receiving your visa.

Fees and timeframes

Application fees (non-refundable): the value of €99 in Canadian currency for long stays; payable only by debit card, cash or money orders (exact amount) payable to “consulat de France à Montréal”.

The timeframe for issuing a visa depends on your nationality, even if you are a permanent resident of Canada. Processing time for certain applications is approximately 15 days.

Please consult the following link regarding the Application Processing Time for your information : “Timeframes”.


Attention, you must schedule an appointment in order to submit your application on the Consulate’s website : "Rendez-vous" (in the "Prendre rendez-vous" tab).

Only those persons in possession of the notice to attend will be admitted to the Consulate offices. For security reasons, please be on time;

Before attending, please make sure to bring all the documents indicated on the Consulate Web site that are required to issue the requested visa.

You must submit all original documents, as well as two photocopies of each document.

To avoid penalizing other applicants, if you must cancel your appointment you are strongly requested to do so via the Consulate’s website : "Rendez-vous" (in the "Revoir son rendez-vous" tab).

Last modified on 12/02/2016

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