Do I need a visa for the French Territorial Overseas Communities (CTOM) (ordinary passport)? [fr]

These are: Saint Pierre and Miquelon, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin.

Short stay

A short stay is one that is for less than 90 days. For certain nationalities, the length of a stay without a visa may be limited to 30 days.

Persons who are visa-exempted

  • Holders of a french resident card or of a french long stay visa;
  • Nationals from the following countries : European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland ; Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Malaysia, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Holy See, Uruguay;
  • Nationals from the following countries. But this does not apply to those involved in income-earning activities : Australia (for Mayotte and Saint Pierre and Miquelon, exemption for one month only ), Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Venezuela;
  • Holders of a Dutch residency permit in Sint Maarten are not required to have an entry visa for Saint Martin;

Facilitation for cruise ship passengers

Besides the categories of foreigners that are already visa-exempt, cruise ship passengers meeting the following criteria may enter without an overseas visa during their stopover :

  • holders of a currently valid Schengen visa issued by France;
  • holders of a currently valid residency document issued by a member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or by Switzerland, Andorra or Monaco;
  • holders of a currently valid residency document issued by Canada, Japan or the United States of America.

If your country does not appear above, you will need a visa.

Please note

Certain nationals of the countries mentioned above need a visa to study, to work or to perform artistically in French overseas territories.

Canadians and foreign nationals holding Canadian identification documents, and entering Saint-Pierre and Miquelon directly from Canada, are exempted from passport and visa requirements for stays of maximum duration of 3 months within a period of 6 months.

List of accepted documents :

1) For adults :

  • citizenship card (for Canadians),
  • permanent resident card (for foreign nationals),
  • driver’s licence,
  • student card,
  • social insurance card issued in Quebec and Ontario,
  • passport (for Canadians);

2) For minors :

  • citizenship card (for Canadians),
  • permanent resident card (for foreign nationals),
  • passport (for Canadians),
  • social insurance card with a photo,
  • student card with a photo;

Consequently, persons who are not in possession of Canadian identification documents must present a passport, if necessary, with a valid visa.

If you have questions about visas to go to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, you can send an e-mail to the Préfecture of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

Long stay

Only nationals from the following countries are exempted from having a long-stay visa :

  • member countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, Monaco and Andorra.

If you are required to have a visa, you must apply for the long-stay visa that best corresponds to your particular situation (see list and specific requirements for working in the CTOM).

Please note

The France-Canada youth exchange agreement does not apply to CTOM.

Last modified on 08/02/2016

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