Short-stay visa for domestic staff to remain in Metropolitan France or DROM or CTOM for less than 90 days [fr]


Persons wishing to enter France or DROM or CTOM with their private domestic staff (babysitter, butler…) must request for such staff a temporary work authorization (APT) from the DIRECCTE (Direction générale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l’emploi) located in the place they will take their vacation in France.

Procedure to be followed

1. The employer :

  • fills out and signs form CERFA n°13647*02 “détachement de salarié hors mobilité intragroupe” that is available at “” and indicates the length of the expected stay in France (an APT may be requested for a one-year period on condition that the accumulated stay does not exceed three months per six-month period). Only one CERFA form must be filled out for all the domestic staff of the employer;
  • then transmits the form to the DIRECCTE generic mailbox that has jurisdiction for the first place of residence in France, as an attachment to an e-mail :
    • mentioning the purpose as being “APT request for domestic staff”;
    • indicating whether it is a one-year APT;
    • and indicating the address where first staying in France.


  • certifies the CERFA form (by checking the APT box), which then becomes a valid APT throughout French territory;
  • transmits it to the employer, or to the work station, within eight days as an attachment to an e-mail;
  • sends the original APT by mail to the address where first staying in France, as indicated by the employer.

Documents to be provided

Please provide both the original and 2 copies of the documents. All the documents must be submitted in the order below.

The visa section will give you back the original documents.

Document or photocopy missing = incomplete file = high risk of visa refusal.

The visa application file must contain all the supporting evidence requested for a Schengen visa as well as :

  • proof that the employee has worked for the employer for at least six months;
  • CERFA form N° 13647 certified by the DIRECCTE;
  • a letter of commitment by the employer taking full responsibility for the employee’s transportation and living expenses;
  • solemn undertaking to pay the employer contributions to the URSSAF;
  • insurance coverage for medical and repatriation expenses of the employee.


The Consulate reserves the right to request additional evidence.

Moreover, it is important to have at all times the original documents, because they may be requested at the point of entry in France; a visa does not guarantee entry on French territory.

Fees and timeframes

Application fees (non-refundable): the value of €60 in Canadian currency for short stays payable only by debit card, cash or money orders (exact amount) payable to “consulat de France à Montréal”.

The timeframe for issuing a visa depends on your nationality, even if you are a permanent resident of Canada. Processing time for certain applications is approximately 15 days.

Please consult the following link regarding the Application Processing Time for your information : “Timeframes”.


Attention, you must schedule an appointment in order to submit your application on the Consulate’s website : "Rendez-vous" (in the "Prendre rendez-vous" tab).

Only those persons in possession of the notice to attend will be admitted to the Consulate offices. For security reasons, please be on time.

Before attending, please make sure you bring all the documents indicated on the Consulate Web site that are required to issue the requested visa.

You must submit all original documents, as well as two photocopies of each document.

To avoid penalizing other applicants, if you must cancel your appointment you are strongly requested to do so via the Consulate’s website : "Rendez-vous" (in the "Revoir son rendez-vous" tab).

Last modified on 12/02/2016

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