Visa for Andorra and Monaco [fr]

Principality of Andorra

The Principality of Andorra does not require an entrance visa for a tourist visit. Nevertheless, visitors must possess a valid identification card or a valid passport. Because of the geographic location of the Principality and the necessity of crossing either Spanish territory or French territory to reach Andorra, nationals of countries that do not have an agreement regarding the waiver of the Schengen visa will need a visa from one of these two countries to enter France or Spain to visit Andorra.

Citizens of third-party countries cannot enter the Principality of Andorra without a valid travel document, including the required visas. Nationals of countries subject to a visa by the Principality of Andorra must obtain the visa by filing an application with diplomatic representatives of the Principality of Andorra.

Principality of Monaco

Foreigners who are authorized to enter Metropolitan France for a short-stay without a visa are also authorized to enter Monaco without a visa; notably, the holder of a residency document issued by a Schengen country is authorized to enter and stay in Monaco. The holder of a Schengen visa valid in France is authorized to enter and stay in Monaco.

When a short-stay visa is required and the principal destination during the stay is Monaco, the French Consulate in Montreal will issue a Schengen visa valid for Monaco and the Schengen area.

For a long-stay visa: The application is forwarded to Monaco authorities. The visa application file includes:

Documents to be submitted

Please provide both the original and 3 copies of the documents. All the documents must be submitted in the order below.

The visa section will give you back the original documents.

Document or photocopy missing = incomplete file = high risk of visa refusal.

  • Three recent identification photographs, in colour on white background, 35 mm wide by 45 mm long. The photo must be focused, of good quality without folds or marks. Kerchiefs are not acceptable;
  • Your original passport (and copy of your passport’s identification page). The passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the end of your stay in France. The visa is validated by a self-adhesive label that will be affixed to one of the pages of the passport. Your passport contains at least two blank pages and was issued less than 10 years ago;
  • Refugees : Refugee Travel Document issued in accordance with the 1951 Geneva Convention;
    • Canadian residents with refugees status, even if they have a permanent resident card, must be in possession of this document and present themselves at the consulate at least one month before their travel date.

The following supporting documents :

  • extract from police record;
  • a solemn attestation declaring that the applicant has never been condemned either in his country of origin or elsewhere, that he was never declared bankrupt and that there is no criminal litigation against him in a court of law or on police files;
  • evidence related to the purpose of his stay :
    • a work contract validated by the Employment Service of the Principality,
    • or an application for authorization to start a business or a company,
    • or evidence of marriage for the spouses of French nationals, Monacans or foreigners who reside in Monaco,
    • or a bank confirmation which substantiates his means of livelihood: determining the extent of such means rests solely with Monaco Authorities; the bank confirmation certifying that the applicant can subsist in Monaco without a gainful activity is considered sufficient.
  • evidence of accommodation :
    • a lease contract or a promise of lease,
    • or a property ownership deed,
    • or a certificate of gratuitous accommodation issued by the Public Security of Monaco,
    • or a written undertaking by the applicant to submit within a three-month period following his arrival in the Principality one of these three attestations.

The Consulate reserves the right to require additional supporting evidence.

Fees and timeframes

File costs (non-refundable): the value of €99 in Canadian currency for long-stay visa, the value of €60 in Canadian currency for short-stay visa only, payable only by debit card, cash or money orders (exact amount) payable to consulat de France à Montréal.

Please consult the following link regarding the Application Processing Time for your information : “Timeframes”.

Processing time with respect to nationality of origin may take up to two months.


Attention, you must schedule an appointment in order to submit your application on the Consulate’s website : "Rendez-vous" (in the "Prendre rendez-vous" tab).

Only those persons having their notification to attend will be admitted to the Consulate offices. For security reasons, please be on time.

Before attending, please make sure to bring all the documents indicated on the Consulate Web site required for the issuance of the requested visa.

You must provide all original documents, as well as three photocopies of each document.

To avoid penalizing other applicants, if you must cancel your appointment you are strongly requested to do so via the Consulate’s website : "Rendez-vous" (in the "Revoir son rendez-vous" tab).

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