Where to apply ? [fr]

The visa application must be filed with the consulate of the Schengen country of principal destination (where you spend most of your time).

If the trip involves several Schengen countries without a principal destination because the length of the stay in each country is identical, the application must be filed with the consulate of the first Schengen country that will be entered.

Persons applying for a visa at Consulate General of France in Canada must be Canadian residents. Consular authorities consider that a foreigner’s habitual residence is deemed to be in the consular district which meets the following criteria :

  • stay of more than three months in the “visa district”;
  • if the applicant is a national of a third party country, proper legal residence in Canada.

For a Shengen visa application (short stay), a foreign expatriate in transit that is in good standing in Canada may, in case of emergency, submit his application at one of the French Consulates (Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver), provided he is able to justify the reasons for his application.

Depending on your province of residence, you must apply at the :

How to apply at with the Consulate General of France in Montreal ?

All visa applicants are subject to biometrics and must schedule an appointment at the Consulate for this purpose via the Internet. When filing their applications, applicants will provide the consulate officer, if necessary*, with an express post envelope so that the passport containing the visa may be sent to their home.

Specific cases

Beneficiaries of the France-Canada youth exchange agreement (young professionals, students, work trainees, working holiday) must file their visa application by mail. In this case, applicants must without fail attend in person to receive the visa, in order to be fingerprinted, from monday to friday between 2.30am and 4.00pm. Follow the procedure here.
No applications will be processed at the desk.

Holders of diplomatic passports applying for a long-stay visa (more than 90 days) in order to fill diplomatic or consular functions in France are exempt from biometrics, as are members of their family who hold diplomatic passports. The application for a visa may be done at the Consulate by appointment or by mail. Holders of diplomatic passports requesting a short-stay visa or a visitor long-stay visa are subject to biometrics and must book an appointment on the Consulate Web site in order to be fingerprinted and photographed.

The following visa applicants must bring an express post envelope :

  • short-stay visa applicants (less than 90 days) subject to consultation (see under heading “Timeframe”);
  • long-stay visa applicants (more than 90 days), except Canadians benefiting from the youth exchange agreement;
  • Canadians benefiting from the youth exchange agreement who also are nationals of another country that is subject to consultation (see under heading “Timeframe”).

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